Joining a Local Church

Here Are Some Ways To Join

The Local Church

We love the local church!! We believe that God uses the local churches, big and small, to do incredible things throughout the world and so we work to try and lift up and support other local churches. Our community doesn’t need one great church – it needs many healthy churches!


If you are new to our church we always suggest you take your time and really get to know us before you decide about becoming a member. If after attending for a while you don’t feel that you can fully engage here we will work with you and point you towards other local churches that you might connect with better. Obviously we love it here…but we know this may not be the right fit for everyone.


Understanding membership – If you are new to church this may sound a lot like a Costco advertisement and truth be told there are some similarities…everyone is able to be a member and there is a cost…we believe that when you are baptised you become a part of the global Church but you also become a part of God’s mission in your local area. This is where membership fits in – membership is making a commitment to a local church to use all that God has given you to work together with the church to bring the ways of God and the love of God to the community that you live in. To learn more, contact any staff member or ask about it at the welcome center on Sunday.