Serve Locally

Here are some great ways to serve locally

Serving where you are

The best communities are those where everyone works together. For the followers of Jesus, our call is to be leaders in a life of serving…a life led by love. For us, serving isn’t an option but a way of life, just as Jesus modelled for us through His life. For a Christian, serving in the church should be a given but that’s not where it stops…we need to find ways to serve our community outside the church walls as well.


In our region there are countless ways to serve that will be both lifegiving and beneficial to our community. Some are in an official capacity, but many are just in choosing to love in our day-to-day interactions…helping a neighbour, taking care of our vulnerable…reaching out to ensure people are ok…but then there are also some great organizations to connect with.


Here are a few ideas:


-       Serve the most vulnerable by volunteering through Family Central, the Corner cupboard food bank, Christmas Care for families and youth, or by becoming a Big Brother or Sister for a child in our community.

-       Serve the community by joining a service club like the Kinsmen or Optimist Club.

-       Serve as a volunteer firefighter or with victim services. 

-       Volunteer at the Aylmer Thrift store.

-       Serve one of the many organizations that make sports and other activities accessible to kids in our region.


Regardless of where you serve…just find the time to serve and know that the way you are serving is noticed and appreciated!